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At What Age Can You Start BOTOX Treatment?

May 10, 2024

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woman getting BOTOX injection above her nose

For many years, men and women alike have relied on BOTOX to lessen the appearance of their existing wrinkles, but nowadays, people are becoming more proactive. Young adults want to take advantage of BOTOX sooner as preventative treatment! So, at what age should you consider starting BOTOX treatment? How exactly does it work anyway, and how can it be used preventatively? Continue reading to learn the answers!

How Does BOTOX Work?

BOTOX is a toxin that temporarily paralyzes contracting muscles in the face. When you express a frown, surprise, or a smile, these muscles cause the skin to form lines or wrinkles. However, when these muscles are unable to contract, the skin stays smooth and wrinkle free.

BOTOX treatment is administered through a strategically placed injection in various places in the face. When performed by a qualified professional, BOTOX injections do not leave the patient with an unnatural look. They should still be able to emote naturally—just with fewer lines. Treatment is usually repeated about every six months to maintain results.

Preventative BOTOX injections are given where wrinkles are likely to develop in the near future, delaying their appearance and prolonging a more youthful look in the forehead, eye area, and around the mouth.

When Should You Start BOTOX Injections?

Most BOTOX providers don’t consider beginning BOTOX injections on patients under the age of 25. Before this age, lines may show up when expressing frowns or smiles, but they should still go away when their face is at rest. As soon as lines remain even when the person is expressionless, it is appropriate to start BOTOX treatment to reduce these wrinkles.

However, if you have a particularly expressive face, meaning deep lines show up when you frown, smile, or lift your eyebrows, preventative BOTOX can slow down the development of wrinkles moving forward. Even for this purpose, many providers still wait until the patient is around their mid-20s before beginning preventative BOTOX treatment.

Is BOTOX Safe to Take Preventatively?

Although the thought of injecting a toxin into your face may seem risky, BOTOX is perfectly safe in the hands of a qualified professional, even when given preventatively. It is a temporary treatment, which means it wears off after several months. You can get these injections with confidence and peace of mind.

While you can wait until your wrinkles or fine lines stay on your face to begin treatment, you can act sooner, postponing those signs of aging and enjoying your youthful, smooth skin.

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