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What Happens When a Man Has Low Testosterone

September 6, 2021

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young man struggling with fatigue and other symptoms of low testosterone

When you hear the word testosterone, you probably associate it with men’s health. That’s because although both men and women need this hormone, it is most prevalent and especially necessary in men.

As a man ages, his testosterone levels naturally decrease. This process is a normal part of getting older. In fact, he loses about 1 percent of this hormone every year after he turns 30. However, if his testosterone levels aren’t where they should be even at a young age, he can suffer many unpleasant symptoms. What can happen when a man has low testosterone? Read on to find out!

He May Feel Fatigued

Those with low testosterone often have low energy levels, even when they’ve had enough rest. They may become apathetic toward exercise and not have much motivation to move. Furthermore, it is common for these men to also have sleep apnea, a disorder that stops a man from breathing properly during sleep, adding to his energy deficiency.

He May Struggle with Low Sex Drive or Erectile Dysfunction

As a “sex hormone,” testosterone definitely affects sexual performance in men. Testosterone stimulates the penile tissues and is a contributing factor to a man achieving and retaining an erection. When testosterone in a young man is low, it can hinder his ability to get and keep an erection, and it can even lower his overall sex drive. These issues, in turn, may create problems in relationships with partners.

This hormone not only drives a man’s urge for sex, but it also helps his body produce semen, the fluid that facilitates the sperms’ movement toward an egg for fertilization. As a result, low testosterone can result in fertility problems.

He May Lose Muscle Mass and Gain Weight

Testosterone plays a major role in the production of muscle tissue, so it makes sense that if you have low testosterone levels, your muscle mass can diminish. Typically, muscle function and strength aren’t reduced, but low T can also affect body fat or even cause men to develop enlarged breasts.

He May Have Mood Swings

Most people already know that hormonal imbalances can cause changes in mood for women, but did you know a similar reaction can happen for men? If young men have low testosterone, they can have mood swings, struggle with depression, and have other mental health issues.

Fortunately, there is a solution to low testosterone for men. Hormone therapy can help your body better regulate and have the proper balance, reversing most of the symptoms of testosterone deficiency. You don’t have to accept or tolerate losing this important hormone—you can act now and feel like yourself again!

About the Practice

Richardson Pain & Wellness has been serving patients from Richardson and the surrounding area for many years. For male hormone therapy, they offer testosterone injections, hormone creams, and other topical medications to correct low T. If you are interested in learning more about hormone therapy, you can schedule an appointment by contacting the office through the website or by calling 972-907-1125.

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