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3 Serious Dangers of the Keto Diet

February 5, 2021

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food for the keto diet

It is estimated that 71 million Americans have gained weight since the pandemic started. Are you one of them? The keto diet has received a lot of attention recently, and experts seem to be divided on whether the risks outweigh the potential benefits. But what makes this diet so controversial? Read on to learn about the dangers of this diet and about a safer, more effective long-term solution: medical weight loss.

Keto Flu or Diarrhea

When you first start out on the keto diet, it is common to experience flu-like symptoms including vomiting, fatigue, and gastrointestinal distress. Most of the time, these symptoms go away after a few days as your body adjusts to burning fat instead of sugar, and drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep can help your body recover more quickly.

In the keto diet, you are supposed to stay away from carbs, but in some cases, that takes away good sources of fiber. If you aren’t replacing those whole grains with fiber-rich vegetables, your gallbladder can quickly become overwhelmed with waste and fat that needs to leave your system, leading to regular diarrhea.

Lower Athletic Performance

At first glance, the keto diet may seem to give you a competitive edge. After all, you’re losing pounds that hold you back. However, research shows that those who are on a keto diet perform worse than those who were on a high-carb diet. Also, it seems that some of the weight lost may be muscle mass, which means that your body may not be as capable of burning fat in the future because of this acidic diet.

Regaining Weight

In the short term, the keto diet may be effective for shedding excess weight because of its restrictiveness. However, this plan should only be followed for roughly 30 to 90 days and then be replaced with a more sustainable diet. Unfortunately, many people who lost plenty of weight from the keto diet gain most of it back as soon as they reintroduce carbs.

Safe Medical Weight Loss

When you work with medical professionals who are trained in nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices, such as those at Richardson Pain & Wellness, you don’t follow a cookie-cutter diet that may or may not work with your unique body. Instead we create a customized plan for each patient based on their individual needs, ensuring that they still receive all the necessary nutrients while eliminating excess fat. And what’s more, because your plan is created and supervised, we can monitor your progress and make sure you stay healthy throughout the entire process.

Instead of putting your health at risk, you should use a proven method of medical weight loss in Richardson. By shedding pounds in a sustainable way, you can continue to enjoy a healthy happy lifestyle even after you reach your weight loss goals.

About the Practice

Richardson Pain & Wellness has a highly trained team of professionals, including doctors and a registered dietician. We do not use diet suppressants or other dangerous diets to help our patients lose weight. Instead, we find out which approach works best for your body and personalize your diet plan for the long term. Are you ready to get rid of those pandemic pounds? Call Richardson Pain & Wellness for a consultation today!

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