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4 Common Myths You Probably Believe about Weight Loss

October 29, 2020

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If you’re wanting to shed extra weight, you’re far from alone. The diet industry is estimated to be worth $72 billion every year. However, for about 95 percent of people, these fad diets don’t result in sustainable weight loss. So what is the secret to losing and keeping off significant weight? You’ll find all sorts of false information out there. What is fact, and what is fiction when it comes to medical weight loss in Richardson? Read on to learn the truth about some common myths.

Weight Loss Is about Willpower.

Although maintaining healthy habits in your lifestyle does require discipline, in many cases, weight loss may not necessarily depend on your willpower. In fact, obesity is a complex problem that includes genetic factors as well as hormones, mental health, and other factors. An effective, long-lasting weight loss program will take these other contributors into consideration.

You Just Need to Eat Less and Move More.

When you think about wanting to get rid of stored fat, the idea of consuming fewer calories and burning energy with exercise makes sense. However, for those with serious weight issues, this principle may be ineffective or even dangerous. Starving yourself isn’t sustainable, and it often results in gaining weight back or packing on more weight. Consulting with a health professional can ensure that your efforts are productive and safe, ultimately leading you to lasting weight loss.

All Fat Is Bad.

Believe it or not, there are good fats and bad fats. Junk food is high in both fat content and calories and do not have the nutrients your body needs to function optimally. These are clearly bad fats; however, there are plenty of healthy foods that may have a higher fat content but don’t have as many calories or that offer essential vitamins and minerals. Carefully consider the foods you eat and select those that benefit your body overall. Health professionals can help you determine which fats and foods fit into this category.

Diet Suppressants Work.

In some cases, the use of diet suppressants may result in temporary weight loss, but they come with considerable risks, such as stress on the heart, leading to an increased risk of heart disease or a cardiovascular event. Instead, you need to be making permanent changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle with a health professional.

Weight loss is possible. Once you sift the kernels of truth out, you can focus your efforts in effective ways. By seeking help from weight loss specialists, you can ensure that you not just lose weight and keep it off, but also lead a healthier, higher quality of life.

About the Practice

Richardson Pain & Wellness has a highly qualified trained team of health professionals, who create a completely customized treatment plan for each patient. Services include nutrition planning, designing an exercise regimen, and administering supplements that can help jumpstart your weight loss journey. To learn more about medical weight loss, you can contact Richardson Pain & Wellness on their website.

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