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Oh Man! 4 Ways Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help You

December 23, 2019

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You and your wife are going out on a much-needed date to your favorite restaurant. Although you should feel excited for a romantic evening together, you feel tired and uninterested. In fact, recently you haven’t had your usual energy level and have felt maybe a bit depressed. You don’t feel like yourself, and it’s starting to impact your life and relationships. What is wrong with you? Can you do anything about it?

You could have low testosterone, a hormone produced by both men and women that affects muscle mass and red blood cell production. However, this hormone plays an especially important role in men. At age 30, men tend to produce less testosterone, and nearly 20 percent of men older than 60 don’t have optimal levels of this hormone. Read on to learn how low testosterone levels can impact a man’s health and well-being and how male hormone replacement therapy can help.

Muscle Mass and Strength

Testosterone is thought to regulate muscle mass and strength. Basically, this means that those with low testosterone can lose energy more quickly and struggle to do the things they used to do easily. When this hormone is boosted to a healthy level, men can feel capable, more energetic, and confident again. Then, they can resume normal activities without becoming overly or prematurely tired.

Fat Distribution

Going hand in hand with muscle mass is fat distribution. With less muscle and less energy, fat can become more abundant, especially around the belly area. Testosterone helps the body handle fat in a healthier way, making for a leaner, more fit look and feel. As a result, men may also be more likely to avoid serious conditions, such as heart disease or cardiovascular events.


Out of the functions that testosterone performs in the male body, libido is probably the most well-known. As men age, their sex drive can slowly decrease with their testosterone levels, and they can struggle to get or keep an erection. Hormone replacement therapy can help men keep their romantic relationships passionate and rewarding.

Sperm Production

Within the testicles, testosterone signals the production of sperm. This means that those who are over the age of 30 could suffer from a lower sperm count, impacting fertility. In the United States, couples are waiting to start having children until later in life (average age of first-time fathers being 31), which potentially increases the risk of male infertility.

In the end, if you don’t feel like “yourself,” you don’t have to simply accept these unpleasant changes as an unavoidable part of aging. You can keep testosterone at optimal levels through replacement therapy and feel “normal” again. This simple treatment can help you enjoy your healthy, active lifestyle for many years to come.

About Richardson Pain & Wellness

The team at Richardson Pain & Wellness can administer hormone replacement therapy for both women and men and can treat low testosterone. Located in Richardson, Texas, this clinic can help patients overcome the symptoms of hormone imbalances. If you would like to schedule an appointment at Richardson Pain & Wellness, you can call (972) 907-1125 or click here.

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